The Tycoon group has many updates planned in the upcoming weeks, for all updates please subscribe to our channel:

  1. $Tcoin Token is a native token for the Tycoon community. Addresses holding Tycoon from presale don’t need to participate in any upcoming project. The tycoon group will distribute 30% of ALL upcoming project tokens to the tycoon community.
  2. The tycoon website will be a place where you can see all updates regarding the Tycoon group’s event and all upcoming projects. The Tycoon website will also help you to understand the importance and functionality of $TCOIN with links to presale information, our Dex, our farming platform and our marketplace.
  3. Tycoon Group will launch its own Dex for trading, where people can trade all ERC-20 Tokens and revenue will be rewarded to the Tycoon community.
  4. The farming platform will be used for staking and rewards for all tokens of the Tycoon Group. Tokens of Tycoon Group will also have incentive rewards for the tycoon community. All details about pools and staking will be updated regularly on our website.
  5. Marketplace, we will be integrating our online marketplace with the ERC-20 market where you can buy any product with ERC-20 tokens. For now, the marketplace will only be available for stablecoins . 100% of all revenue generated from our decentralized marketplace transaction fees will be rewarded to the Tycoon community.




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